Keynote Speaker: Prof. Elena P. Antonacopoulou
Ivey Business School, Western University, Canada

Title: The New Learning Organization

What lessons are we distilling from the COVID-19 pandemic? What improvements to our learning practices as members of organisations and as educators are we designing? What impacts will our individual and collective learning generate to serve the common good? This keynote will pose these and several other questions to invite reflexive critique of our knowledge management and learning practices. Building on ongoing scholarship in organisational learning and knowledge management this keynote will address three themes: Firstly, it will summarise the learning we continue to derive from investments in knowledge management practices in organisations to highlight the ongoing learning crisis of ‘failing to learn from failure’ and why efforts to ‘manage’ knowledge expose the socio-political tensions that undermine their purpose – to foster phronesis (practical judgement). Secondly, it will make the case for the importance of ‘CORE Intelligence’ as a critical priority in educational and knowledge management practices we are designing as part of the making of the 5th Industrial Revolution. Thirdly, it will outline an empirically informed view of the New Learning Organization and invite exploration of new modes of learning for impact illustrated through new educational programs designed to reimagine ‘Man-Agement’ itself.


Dr Elena P. Antonacopoulou PhD is Professor of Organisation Behaviour and Strategy at Ivey Business School. Before joining Western University she held full-time Professorial appointments at the Universities of Liverpool, Manchester and Warwick. Her principal research expertise lies in The Future of Work, Organisational Learning and Strategic Resilience and Renewal, with a focus on the Leadership implications. She is published widely in international journals and edited books (over 100 publications) and policy reports. Her practice-relevant scholarship has earned her many research grands, awards and accolades recognising the impact of the ideas developed. She has been elected and served in multiple leadership roles in the top professional bodies in the management field (AOM, EURAM, EGOS, BAM) and has received several awards for her outstanding leadership and service contributions and teaching excellence. She has successfully secured funding and led interdisciplinary, international multi-stakeholder research teams on high profile research programs funded by Research Funding Councils in the UK, EU and was invited to co-author policy and evaluation reports by professional bodies and Think Tanks designed to improve professional practices. She is frequently invited to deliver keynote speeches in international conferences, and workshops that inspire and promote action choices that serve the common good. She is a certified coach from the International Coaching Federation (and practises as an axiologist – enabling true-self breakthroughs) and she has founded the GNOSIS Institute to promote knowledge philanthropy and to avert ‘humane poverty’ by designing innovative leadership and organisational development programs including the ‘2030 – HuMan-Agement initiative. ORCIT: 0000-0002-0872-7883

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